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Updates come weekly with bi-weekly deck releases and wishing well. You can always take cards from both updates shown on the first page. You may not go back to older news and grab cards when you missed the update or were on hiatus, but you can take a choice card from released decks that you donated for.

20 Jun 2016


New members: Kath, Saitaina. Welcome!
Level Ups: Beatrix (level 4), Elin (level 3), Fina (level 5), Nicolie (level 3)
Masteries: Aija (httyd-settingyoufree), Aija (hercules-megara), angelrose (chipmunks-seetheworld), angelrose (tinkerbell), Beatrix (anastasia-dimitrianastasia), Beatrix (frozen), Elin (batb-belle), Elin (anastasia-onceupon), Elin (mulan-rescue), Elin (batb-somethingsthere), Elin (tangled), Fina (sbeauty), Kaz (toystory-woody), Kaz (up-growingold), Kaz (aladdin), Kristi (bighero6), Kristi (httyd), Lex (hercules-iwontsay), Marina (incredibles), Nicolie (ladytramp-bellanotte), Pam (ladytramp-lady), Samu (frozen-elsa)

Games Updates

Site Games: Weekly A + B
Forum Games: Weekly / Monthly

Anything else

The forum is back and Pam has updated the forum games :) Please make sure though that if you already played them before this update, you cannot play them in the same round again, meaning last week and this week only count as one week.

Also, some forms don't seem to be going through, for example the wishing well, which is why there is no fulfilled wishes in this update. I will check on that and hopefully fix it asap.

11 Jun 2016


New members: lollie. Welcome!
Level Ups: ---
Masteries: ---

Games Updates

Site Games: Weekly A + B + C / Bi-Weekly / Monthly
Forum Games: Weekly / Monthly Forum is still offline, take 3 princesses instead

New decks

you may take a total of 4 cards, max. 2 per deck;
if you donated the images you may take an extra card

You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.

Anything else

And we're back! I hope I have fixed all the files and that everything works again. Sorry that it took a bit! You may have seen that our host had to move providers. What was intended to go smooth and without issues, didn't go as well as planned, sadly :( for my upcoming tcg for example, I lost many files in the process. For Moving Lines and Portrait, it took me a bit to update all the paths and get access to the databases again, etc. I wasn't able to send out mails because I couldn't enter my member panel, so sorry for that! But now, everything should be back and working again. If you find any errors, please let me know :) You can all take cards to spell COMEBACK, max 2 per deck!

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