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Updates come weekly with bi-weekly deck releases and wishing well. You can always take cards from both updates shown on the first page. You may not go back to older news and grab cards when you missed the update or were on hiatus, but you can take a choice card from released decks that you donated for.

08 Sep 2016


New members: Maxie, Varka. Welcome!
Level Ups: angelrose (level 5)
Masteries: angelrose (guardians-easterbunny), angelrose (anastasia), Kaz (sbeauty), Kaz (aiwonderland-cheshirecat), Kaz (httyd-settingyoufree), Pam (lilostitch-rollercoaster), Samu (littlemermaid-partofyourworld), Samu (aladdin-wholenewworld)

Games Updates

Site Games: Weekly
Forum Games: Weekly

Anything else

I have to tell you guys that I will take a semi-break from tcgs. I have a slipped disk (hope that's the right term) and am in a lot of pain, especially when sitting :( I don't know yet if I have to go to the hospital soon or what will happen or how long it will take, so I decided to leave my tcgs be automated for the time. That means, I am not going to post an update each week or on a certain day. All the games are automated and the forum games are updated by Pam, so you will still be able to play the same. But new deck releases will come irregularly. I hope this is okay for everyone, as I don't want to put the tcg on a real hiatus again. I will try to answer your mails asap, but everything will take a while, please bear with me.

You are allowed to play 2 of the weekly games groups once each week (your choice which 2, but 2 different ones) and the bi-weekly and monthly games accordingly each two weeks and each month. If there's any error with the games or if the card claims run out of cards, please let me know.

28 Aug 2016


New members: Lyn, Mio. Welcome!
Level Ups: Kaz (level 5), Pam (level 5)
Masteries: Catherine (despicableme-minions), Kaz (toystory-woodybuzz), Kaz (ladytramp-lady), Kaz (hercules-megara), Pam (aiwonderland-teaparty), Pam (despicableme), Rheanna (aiwonderland-alice), Rheanna (batb-beourguest), Samu (mulan)

Games Updates

Site Games: Weekly A + C
Forum Games: Weekly

New decks

you may take a total of 4 cards, max. 2 per deck;
if you donated the images you may take an extra card

You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.

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