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Updates come weekly with bi-weekly deck releases and wishing well. You can always take cards from both updates shown on the first page. You may not go back to older news and grab cards when you missed the update or were on hiatus, but you can take a choice card from released decks that you donated for.

18 Aug 2016


New members: ---
Level Ups: Michelle (level 4)
Masteries: Alecks (aristocats), Beatrix (mulan-mulan), Beatrix (mulan-rescue), Lex (hbond-esmeralda), Michelle (sbeauty), Samu (mulan-illmakeaman), Shell (anastasia-dimitrianastasia)

Games Updates

Site Games: Weekly A + B / Bi-Weekly
Forum Games: Weekly

Anything else

Information on posters has been added to the info page. I hope I can fix the forms for this and the wishing well soon. We also have a new design that you can check out!
I also want to put updates back on the weekends, so the next update will be in ten days. You can take cards spelling TEN.

10 Aug 2016


New members: Etna, Joy, Miri, Pat, Qualisa, Sjellie. Welcome!
Level Ups: angelrose (level 4), Breanne (level 2), Lex (level 3), Moonstar (level 3), Samu (level 5)
Masteries: Aija (iceage-manny), angelrose (frozen), angelrose (tangled-maximus), angelrose (mulan-rescue), Breanne (tangled), Fina (hercules-iwontsay), Kaz (junglebook-baloomowgli), Kaz (ladytramp), Nicolie (littlemermaid), Pam (madagascar), Pam (bighero6-baymax), Pam (cinderella), Pam (membercards), Samu (frozen-anna), Samu (mulan-mulan), Samu (mulan-shangmulan), Samu (guardians-toothfairy)

Games Updates

Site Games: Weekly A + C
Forum Games: Weekly

New decks

you may take a total of 4 cards, max. 2 per deck;
if you donated the images you may take an extra card

You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.

Anything else

Wishing Well still won't work :( I do get other forms and it's the same code as the one I use for Portrait, where I get Wishing Well forms... I have no idea where the error is hiding. I will investigate further once I find the time to do so, sorry!

edit: All membercards are made. If you still don't have one, please contact me :)

edit2: Check the forum for updates on the poster masteries, please!

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